Want to grow your own food? The Lawson Center for Sustainable Community Development will be holding a “Seed to Table” Farm Workshop for TFC students and the local community. Learn how to build healthy soil, choose the right seeds, and when to plant, care for, and harvest your growing garden! Using a combination of lecture and hands on teaching, this Seed to Table Gardening Workshop is an effort to meet the needs of the surrounding community.  As the interest and need for sustainability grows, we want The Lawson Center to be northeast Georgia’s hotspot for best practices in sustainable gardening and community development with the ultimate goal of bringing glory to Christ.

The workshop will take place over the course of five days from March 31st to April 28th. It is $25 total for TFC students, and $50 total for anyone else 18 or older. Classes will take place on Thursdays from 6-8pm. Below you will find a brief overview of the sessions. There are limited spaces available and preference is given to those who are able to attend all sessions. You can register here, and contact Scott Davis with any questions you may have!

March 31 – Introduction and Philosophy
A brief overview of the similarities and differences between organic, large scale and naturally grown farms, and the connection between agriculture and a Christian worldview.
April 7 – The Soil
The basics of soil, how to improve its overall composition, the benefits of compost and steps to prepare a garden bed.
April 14 – Seeds
The differences between annuals and perennials, how to order seeds and step by step directions on how to successfully grow seedlings.
April 21 – Raising Crops
The importance of crop planning, irrigation, weed and pest management.  Also, ideas on how to extend your growing season and winterize your garden.
April 28 – Harvesting
The final session will stress the important principle of harvesting “on time and with joy.”  We will also cover seed storage and crop preservation.  A farm to table dinner will be served to all participants.