TFC’s Courtney Busbee and Dr. Piljoo Kang, Assistant Professor of Family and Children’s Ministries, worked together to create a poster presentation for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality conference on March 1, 2018, in Atlanta, Ga. This was a preconference to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology convention by the American Psychology Association. The poster presentation by Busbee and Dr. Kang was titled “Mediating Impact of Church Mentoring for Adolescents from Immigrant Families.” It contained the results of Dr. Kang’s research, which took place at a large church in California—home to many Mexican and Korean immigrant families. Dr. Kang plans to publish her findings, but she also has hopes of doing further research projects that will involve TFC students. Busbee assisted Dr. Kang in the literature review and conclusion of the data for the presentation, and she respectfully noted that Dr. Kang treated her like a colleague. She also received the Templeton Foundation’s Student Researcher Conference Attendance Award/Grant. Busbee remarked, “I was super thankful for the experience… It was a valuable experience for my academic career.” She emphasized her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in research for the professional academic world. Busbee presented the poster to a wide range of scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students, as well as PhDs. She is a Family and Children Ministries major and a junior at TFC. She sees a growing emphasis in the Ministry and Leadership Department for students to be more involved in the professional academic world of research. During her interview, Busbee expressed a desire to see greater opportunity for TFC students to have experiences that are similar to her own. With the hope of more research in store from Dr. Kang, she believes this desire has the chance to become a reality for both current and future members of the TFC community.