This Fall of 2021, The Steinway Corporation offered two grants to the Georgia Music Teachers’ Association Active members. Each grant is to specifically be used for professional development as it relates to identifying goals and striving for success to improve a specific environment. On Friday, November 6th, Dr. You Ju Lee was awarded the 2021 Steinway Grant at the Georgia Music Teachers’ Association Conference! Dr. Lee is a professor of piano at Toccoa Falls College and serves as the first member from TFC to receive a Callaway Endowed Chair. Not only is she a world renowned pianist, but she has inspired and motivated her students in the classroom for over 17 years at Toccoa Falls College . 

With the funds from the Steinway Grant, Dr. Lee will set forth several Chamber Music (Piano Trio) concerts in various venues, both in state and overseas. The first Piano Trio Concert will take place on Thursday, February 17th, 2022, at the Grace Alford Performing Arts Center at Toccoa Falls College. The Steinway Grant will help meet the costs of travel and any other related concert expenses. TFC is looking forward to the fruit of this award and is encouraged to see how Dr. Lee serves the Lord through music and through anyone who comes in her path!