TFC Community:

We continue to closely monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19.  We are gathering all the recommendations from the CDC, the White House, the Governor of Georgia, and our local officials.  There are no reported cases of the virus on campus.

Our residence halls remain open as does our dining facility.  We have some students who have no place to go should we close our residence halls.  Other students have no internet at their homes and need to remain on campus to complete their online courses.

We have made numerous changes to our dining hall to assure we comply with all CDC recommendations. We are thankful to our food supplier, Chartwells, for all they are doing to protect our students on campus.

As noted earlier, we will notify the campus by April 3rd on how the college will proceed for the remainder of the semester.  Thank you for your patience through all this.  We are all very grateful for each of you.


Robert M. Myers, D.B.A.