TFC is excited to announce that, starting Fall 2021, the Counseling Psychology Department will be adding two new concentrations: Counseling in Ministry and Social Work.  These new concentrations will allow students the opportunity to take selected coursework that will best prepare them for their vocation of choice.  

The Counseling in Ministry concentration will provide additional training for students who desire to use their degree within the context of ministry.  This concentration will provide a more focused approach in the integration of Christianity and Counseling and the practice of counseling ministry.  Students who pursue this concentration will have the following options:

  • pursue a counseling ministry right after graduation—nationally or internationally
  • attend graduate school—licensure track or non-licensure track
  • choose a vocation to be a light in the darkness

The Social Work concentration will allow students the opportunity to gain a broad perspective of the field of Social Work.  Students will gain a better understanding about social problems within the community, family advocacy, and policies and their effects on certain populations.  Students pursuing this concentration will be prepared to better serve with a community agency right after college but will also be better prepared to enter an MSW graduate program. Students who pursue this concentration will have the following options:

  • secure a job with a private of community agency as a social services case manager right after graduation
  • attend graduate school to pursue a Masters of Social Work—opening up multiple opportunities

The Counseling Psychology major has consistently equipped students for both graduate school and job placement right out of college.  Students who pursue this major option will have the following options:

  • attend graduate school—licensure track, non-licensure track, school counselor certification track, etc.
  • secure a job in the helping profession right after graduation

We are excited to watch our Counseling Psychology program expand, and to send more TFC graduates into the helping field. These programs are offered on campus and online.

If you are a prospective student, and would like to apply to study Counseling Psychology at TFC, you can do so here.