This week, Toccoa Falls College hosted the leadership of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) denomination to connect with students, faculty, and staff in an inaugural event named Alliance Days.

While TFC works with many evangelical Christian groups and our student body represents a wide variety of evangelical denominational backgrounds, the college is an official affiliate of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Alliance Days resulted in an effort to create a better understanding on campus of who The Alliance is, what they believe, and how they share the Gospel. The C&MA will also be visiting other colleges affiliated with the denomination in the coming year.

Alliance Days at TFC consisted of community worship, classroom teachings, conversations shared over dining hall meals, connections made in Odyssey Coffeehouse, attended athletic events, international ministry dinners, and many more planned activities scheduled across this past Tuesday and Wednesday.

In community worship on Tuesday, Dr. Tim Meier, Vice President for Development, shared the core vision of the C&MA to proclaim “all of Jesus for all the world.” The following community worship on Wednesday featured Dr. Tim Crouch, Vice President for Alliance Missions. He emphasized the sending efforts of the denomination with a focus on God making himself known to all people “as sure as water runs downhill.”  You can view both of these community worship teachings by visiting the Toccoa Falls College Chapel YouTube page here.

In addition to community worship, many of the C&MA leadership staff interacted with students through the teaching of their scheduled courses in Spiritual Formation, Introduction to Theology, Ministry Partnerships, Spiritual Care and Counseling, Foundations for Discipleship, Small Group Leadership, and more.  These teachings integrated the values of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in relation to the content being studied in the TFC course offerings. Dr. Gary Friesen, Dr. Tim Crouch, Dr. Tim Meier, Rev. Terry Smith, Amy Roedding, and Scott Wakeley, were some of the named guest speakers in classrooms this week.

Alliance Days were a huge success on campus this year with many students learning the heart and vision of The Alliance, networking for future ministry opportunities, and connecting with the work that God is doing all around the world.

You can learn more about The Christian and Missionary Alliance as well as their Statement of Beliefs by visiting their website at