New SGA President & Vice President Elected

The Division of Student Affairs at Toccoa Falls College is committed to growing and engaging residential students outside of the classroom. One of the primary ways that students become engaged is through the Toccoa Falls Student Government Association (SGA). The purpose of SGA is to involve students in campus wide events and initiatives, advocate for their needs, and teach valuable leadership skills. Every year, current students are elected to a variety of leadership roles within the Student Government Association. For the 2023-2024 school year, Natalie Johnson and Lauryn Juarez were elected for the President and Vice President roles. To learn more about their campaign and election, visit the article in the TFC newspaper, The Talon, to read more.

Natalie Johnson will sit as the SGA President. She is an Interpersonal Communications major from Iowa and has a deep love for the community of TFC. Lauryn Juarez is a Ministry Leadership major from Florida with a passion for serving and discipleship. She will sit as the SGA Vice President. Together, they hope to lead the student body in passion, oneness, and purpose.

In addition to these primary leadership roles, the Student Government Association also has designated chairs to lead specific areas of student engagement. Below are the upcoming 2023-2024 SGA Chairs:

Administrative Specialist – Lily Ann Waldrep
Campus Life – Nick Briscoe
Community Partnerships – Matt Smith
Collegiate Sports – Sean Brett
Publicity – Julianne Jones
Digital Arts – Lindsey LaRoche
Student Chaplain – Jon Smail
Student Chaplain – Rebekah Duren
Diversity – Arianna Coy
Campus Improvement – Chloe McClain

As a college, TFC is devoted to developing leaders who are prepared to serve both professionally and personally. Student Government Association is one of the many ways that students are able to be involved with leadership on campus to further equip them to change the world in their future career and ministry.

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