One-year Degree Plan –

M.A. in Organizational Leadership

Online masters courses in the organizational leadership program are typically offered in 8-week sessions. The one-year degree plan outlines the suggested course sequence to complete the 33-hour, masters program in organizational leadership in 12-months.

Fall Session A

  • TFC 500 Orientation
  • MAN 513 Foundations of Organizational Leadership
  • MAN 523 Integrating Faith, Work, and Thought

Fall Session B

  • MAN 613 Legal & Ethical Decision Making
  • LED 613 Action Leadership:  Communication, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution

Winter Session (choose one)

  • MAN 623 International Management Field Study
  • LED 683 Graduate Reading Course

Spring Session A

  • LED 623 Behavioral Leadership:  Motivation, Teams, and Coaching
  • MAN 633 Knowledge Management

Spring Session B

  • LED 633 Change Leadership:  Strategy, Process, and Transformation
  • LED 643 Organizational Culture and Structure

Summer Session

  • LED 653 Leading Culturally Diverse Teams
  • LED 693 Developing Research in Leadership

TOTAL = 33 Semester Credit Hours