Course Descriptions

Click on the course titles to revel the current description for each course in the Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership:


LED 613 - Action Leadership: Communication, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution

In today’s dynamic, global work environment, leaders need to be prepared to take action. This course offers learners an opportunity to develop their communication competencies and techniques as well as their negotiation and conflict resolution skills to take action. This is accomplished by expanding the learner’s repertoire of communication styles to more effectively and efficiently handle routine and crisis situations. (3 hours, fall online)

LED 623 - Behavioral Leadership: Motivation, Teams, and Coaching

Understanding the organizational behavior theories, concepts, and skills needed to lead and motivate individuals and groups is essential. This course explores the psychological contract between leader and follower that takes any of many forms between two people or between the leader and small groups. Learners study group formation and group development, as well as the intricacies of coaching and mentoring. (3 hours, spring online)

LED 633 - Change Leadership: Strategy, Process, and Transformation

Managing change is a critical skill to support organizations in achieving their mission, vision, and goals. Building on theories from the field of change management, this course provides the tools to support effective leadership during transformational change. (3 hours, spring online)

LED 643 - Organizational Culture and Structure

There are many approaches to structuring and managing the culture and design of an organization. This course provides an understanding of organizational culture and structure as well as organizational lifecycle development. Learners examine the role of the leader as an organizational architect evaluating both the social and technical systems of organizations. (3 hours, spring online)

LED 653 - Leading Culturally Diverse Teams

Leaders encounter many challenges as people from different cultures, social structures, religions, and languages participate in a globalized landscape and workforce. Learners in this course explore the leadership perspectives and skills necessary to develop high-functioning, culturally diverse teams and develop an understanding of the interrelatedness of nations in the global economy.  Particular emphasis is placed on discerning the underlying values of behaviors as well as the attitudes, beliefs, values, skills, knowledge, and self-awareness necessary for leaders to effectively serve in diverse contexts. (3 hours, summer online)

LED 693 - Research in Leadership

Focusing on action research methodology, this course is a faculty-student collaborative process which empowers students to engage in inquiry of an organizational leadership issue. During the course, students will identify a research question in their personal leadership contexts, review the current research literature, develop a plan to collect initial data, and present their project and findings. (3 hours, summer online)


MAN 513 - Foundations of Organizational Leadership

A conceptual and practical survey of predominant leadership theories from a biblical context and an overview of how the science, strategies, and tactics of organizational behavior contribute to effective leaders. (3 hours, fall online)

MAN 523 - Integrating Faith, Work, and Thought

Learners will consider the relationship between faith, work, and thought informed by recent research and readings from the fields of management, leadership, spiritual formation, theology, philosophy, sociology, and psychology. (3 hours, fall online)

MAN 613 - Legal & Ethical Decision Making

Utilizing Toccoa Falls’ motto to discuss leadership from the perspective of developing Christian character this course is an inquiry into the personal, organizational, and social values present in legal issues and moral dilemmas. Learners will develop skills in ethical decision-making, and recognize how to act with biblical integrity as organizational leaders within a global context. (3 hours, fall online)

MAN 623 - International Management Field Study

Through a cross-cultural experience this course will assists emerging organizational leaders to develop new perspectives via an interdisciplinary approach to explore the power of creative thought as it applies to renewal, rediscovery, and invention by drawing upon the creative processes and exposure to different approaches. (3 hours, winter study tour)

MAN 633 - Knowledge Management

Knowledge is critical to the success of an organization. This course focuses on how knowledge is created, captured, represented, stored, and reused in the context of managing the design, development, and operation of information technologies so as to fully leverage the intellectual assets of an organization. (3 hours, spring online)


TFC 500 - Orientation

The Toccoa Falls College Orientation designed for students who are new to graduate studies at TFC. The course equips students with knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for a positive experience at TFC. The college does not charge tuition for this course since it is a non-credit course; however, a passing grade in the course is a requirement for graduation. (0 hours, either semester)