Ecology & Environmental Science

Ecology & Environmental Science

The Ecology & Environmental Science concentration is excellent training if you desire careers related to the environment.  You will be prepared for careers as a Park Naturalist, Environmental Consultant, Restoration Ecologist, Natural Resource Manager, Zookeeper, Wetland Scientist, Environmental Regulator, Field Biologist, or Ecological Research Assistant.  Likewise, this program prepares you for graduate programs in related fields such as Wildlife Biologist, Conservation Biologist, Ecologist, Water Resources Manager, Environmental Lawyer, Marine Biologist, Environmental Engineer, Soil Conservationist, Environmental Chemist, Fisheries Biologist, Environmental Horticulturist, Professor of Biology, or Botanist.

Biology Core – 13 hours

BIO 114  Biology I

BIO 124  Biology II

BIO 314   Genetics

BIO 411  Senior Seminar

Ecology & Environmental Science Concentration – 21 hours

SCI 253  Environmental Science

BIO 244  Ecology

BIO 334  Soil Science

BIO 344  Aquatic Biology & Wetlands

BIO 463  Conservation/Restoration Ecology

BIO 473  Environmental Issues & Policy

Biology electives (6 hours)

5 hours must be from 300/400 level courses