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Why Study Social Media Management at TFC?

The Communication Studies major also offers a Social Media Management (SMM) concentration for those students who are interested in using social media to assist, support and promote businesses, ministries and other organizations. The SMM concentration will continue in the tradition of the TFC Communication Studies program of equipping future communication professionals and/or graduate students with a framework that will encourage them to do all things, including social media management, in pursuit of truth. It is the purpose of the Communication Studies major to equip future communication professionals and/or graduate students with a framework that will encourage them to do all things in pursuit of truth.

Through the Social Media Management program students will gain hands-on experience through specific involvement in field-related work areas involving our several student-run media outlets and other department related activities. In the contemporary media-saturated social landscape, social media has become a ubiquitous channel of human communication. With the SMM concentration, students will be able to critically analyze social media messages as well as create and manage social media platforms in a variety of career contexts.

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  • Applied Ethics
  • English
  • Journalism
  • Media Studies
  • Public Relations
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Communication Studies

“You know one critical thing about communication is that no matter what we do, we do it by communicating, so communication impacts everything we do.”

Dr. Curt N. Wanner
Professor of Communication
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Social Media Management Courses

The Social Media Management concentration is a 126 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses (including 30 hours of Bible and Theology), 23 hours of open electives, and 37 hours in Communication-specific courses (19 of which are hours dedicated to the Social Media Management concentration).

Featured Courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social & Convergent Media
  • Social Media Development & Management
  • Social Media Marketing & Analytics
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Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook…these social media platforms and others have gone from forms of social entertainment to primary platforms on which businesses, ministries and nonprofits use to promote their services and to communicate what they are all about. Our Social Media Management concentration provides students with opportunities both in and out of the classroom to learn the importance of using these platforms in creative and responsible ways, to better understand the importance of analytics and big data, and to have fun doing it. Through the use of graphic design, photography, videos, and podcasts, students gain hands-on experience through practicums and internships during their time at TFC to help them be prepared to manage social media for a variety of organizations and to make a difference as servants of Christ in the social media realm.
Dr. Randall Hollingsworth, Communications Professor
Career Options

What can you do with a Social Media Management Concentration?

When you earn a degree in Communication Studies with a Social Media Management concentration, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs, such as:

Social Media Specialist

In many organizations, a skilled work force of media specialists are necessary. With a social media management degree, graduates would be prepared to enter the growing field of social media as campaign manager and content creator.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager with a social media management background is able to create and implement marketing strategies for an organization. The marketing manager works closely with the marketing and communications team in order to move the entire organization toward its goals.

Content Strategist

With a social media management degree, you will be qualified to participate in the process of writing and developing a plan for content for marketing and communication purposes.

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