Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate

Program Overview

Why the Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate at TFC?

The Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate is for adults who desire to be better equipped to minister among peoples of diverse cultures. This could be within one’s own country or outside of it. Examples would be adults who already have a degree and want to expand their training to equip them for cross-cultural ministries; adults who lack a degree and due to circumstances are unable to invest in the time and resources for a full degree but still desire equipping for cross-cultural ministry; or adults already in cross-cultural ministry but feel a need for sharpening their skills and knowledge to more effectively ministers.

Cross Cultural Studies class

The Certificate equips the adult cross-cultural worker in key areas of both knowledge and skills. The Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate gives students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of humanity, missions, spiritual issues, and other religions while learning to effectively present the Gospel to a variety of cultures.

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Global Ministries

“The Global Ministries Department is preparing students to go out and make the most meaningful impact in the communities where they live, work and serve.”

Forest Schell, M.A.
Global Ministries Department Chair

Degree Layout

Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate Courses

The Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate is a 30 credit hour program. A perfect program for those not seeking a full mission-related degree!

Featured Courses:

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • World-Religions
  • Cross-Cultural Storytelling
  • Theology of Missions
Ah Xiong


The cross-cultural program helped open my eyes to the world right before me. It taught me interpersonal skills, language acquisition, how to be aware of different cultures and how to embrace those differences, and how to effectively communicate the Gospel. Most importantly, I learned how to be a learner. You can’t be effective among others if you are not a learner, because it isn’t until you put yourselves in others’ shoes that you will best serve them. I saw examples of this embodied in the professors, who cared for my well-being and not just my GPA. They explained the relevancy of each lesson, shared their experiences, poured into students’ lives, and were intentional about getting to know each and every student. I am so thankful for their impact on this program!
Ah Xiong, Class of 2021
Career Choices

What can you do with a Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate?

People pursue the Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate at TFC for a variety of reasons, such as:

Continuing Education

The Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate is perfect for those seeking an opportunity for continuing education. The certificate can provide students with the needed requirement for graduate studies in a ministry related field. For those in full-time ministry, a cross-cultural studies certificate can provide a much-needed cluster of refresher courses to support your ministry or prepare for missions, both domestic and international.

Mission Trip Leader

Whether you are in full-time ministry or not, the Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate can help provide the foundation desired to better serve domestically and internationally.

Personal Growth

Many that pursue the Cross-Cultural Studies Certificate at TFC are seeking to be better equipped to minister among peoples of diverse cultures. Students are looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge to more effectively minister in a variety of settings.

Meet the Professors

Global Engagement

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Scott Davis Operations Manager for Sustainable Development
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