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Why Study Communication Studies at TFC?

It is the purpose of the Communication Studies major to equip future communication professionals and/or graduate students with a framework that will encourage them to do all things in pursuit of truth. A major in Communication Studies provides a broad range of career choices and opens up opportunities through applied projects and field internships, allowing students to develop their portfolios while pursuing their calling.

The Communication Studies major at TFC has three concentrations to choose from including Interpersonal and Public Communication, Mass Communication, and Social Media Management. The Communication Department maintains an online radio station, Eagle Radio, entirely for student use as well as graphic design, television, and video production equipment. This allows students to gain hands-on experience in their field. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in print media through TFC’s web-based newspaper, The Talon, as well as through aiding in the production of The Forrester, TFC’s college yearbook.

Interpersonal & Public Communication (IPC)
  • Interpersonal & Public Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Social Media Management
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Communication Studies

“You know one critical thing about communication is that no matter what we do, we do it by communicating, so communication impacts everything we do.”

Dr. Curt N. Wanner
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Communication
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Communication Studies Courses

The Communication Studies major is a 126 hour program that includes 69 hours of general education courses (including 30 hours of Bible & Theology), 23 hours of open electives, and 37 hours in Communication Studies-specific courses.

Featured Courses:

  • Persuasion
  • Media & Society
  • Communication Ethics
  • Christ Communication & Culture
Seth Vanhorn


My four years at Toccoa Falls College were four of the most formative years of my life. As a Communications major, I am especially thankful for my time in that department. The Communication professors didn’t simply teach us what to think, but how to think. These classes fine-tuned my public speaking skills, strengthened my leadership abilities, and helped craft the lenses through which I see the world. Oh, and ending my four years on a two-week tour of Europe studying the Reformation with the department was simply the icing on the cake!
Seth VanHorn, Class of 2018
Career Options

What can you do with a Communication Studies degree?

When you earn a degree in Communication Studies, you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of jobs, such as:

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager with a communication studies background is able to create and implement marketing strategies for an organization. The marketing manager works closely with the sales team and the communications team in order to move the entire organization toward its goals.


A degree in communication studies would prepare students for a career in journalism. A journalist or reporter are gifted in communicating a story via the written or spoken word through a variety of media methods.

Public Relations Specialist

Many communication studies graduates pursue the field of public relations. A public relation specialist is responsible for developing communication strategies around a specific brand.

Media Specialist

In many organizations, a skilled work force of media specialists are necessary. With a communication studies degree graduates would be prepared to enter a variety of media fields including: film & production, social media, radio, newspaper and digital arts.

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Communication Studies