Biblical Studies Certificate

Program Overview

Why the Biblical Studies certificate at TFC?

The one-year Biblical Studies Certificate offered through the Bible & Theology Department provides non-degree students with a basic academic knowledge of the content, themes, and interpretation of the Bible. This program is designed to meet the desire for biblical studies by a wide variety of students who do not enroll in a course of study leading to an academic degree at this college. It will assist those who wish a foundation in Bible instruction prior to pursuing a degree in a different field. It serves lay people who desire to study the Word for personal growth or greater usefulness in their local churches. It also supplies the need of professionals and other college graduates who seek an intensive cluster of college level Bible courses to fulfill requirements of a mission board or other Christian organization.

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Ministry-related students seeking graduate degrees may need to take courses from this program to fulfill entrance prerequisites for their graduate programs. The Biblical Studies Certificate gives students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Beginning with the Old and New Testament, students will be introduced to a spectrum of theological debates, gaining additional insight as they glean wisdom from their professors as well as their own personal study time.

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Bible & Theology

“The Bible and Theology program will help lead students to understand the Bible better and lead them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We highly value biblical thinking and so a lot of our students really want to understand how the Bible speaks today and how to apply that in a Christian context.”

Dr. Kevin R. Burris
Bible and Theology Department Chair, Professor of Biblical Studies & Languages

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Biblical Studies Certificate Course

The Biblical Studies Certificate is a 30 credit hour program. A perfect program for those not seeking a full degree in biblical studies.

Featured Courses:

  • Hermeneutics
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Foundations of Spiritual Formation
  • Introduction to Theology
Joyce Conkling - Bib Studies certificate


The Biblical Studies Certificate at TFC was a great fit for me. I wanted to take online courses from an accredited college but not necessarily pursue another degree. TFC’s program was one of the least expensive of this rare combination. Also, because there were very few time-specific class meetings, I could work on the courses outside of my regular job hours and participate from another time zone. I wanted to develop my knowledge of the Bible so that I could better articulate God’s love and truth in daily conversation as well as in discipleship relationships and teaching scenarios. The program covered “the basics” but also enabled me to investigate more after I finished the introductory classes. Written interaction with other students was part of every course, and my classmates came from a range of faith backgrounds and stages of life. Plenty to learn from other people pursuing the Word! The professors cared about the topics they taught and wanted our classwork to intersect with the Lord’s transformative work in our lives. Whether we serve vocationally or not, Christians are commissioned to be part of building Christ’s kingdom. TFC’s Biblical Studies Certificate was an important piece of my call to serve — development that continues.
Joyce Conkling, Class of 2020
Career Options

What can you do with a Biblical Studies Certificate?

People pursue the Biblical Studies Certificate at TFC for a variety of reasons, such as:

Continuing Education

The Biblical Studies Certificate is perfect for those seeking an opportunity for continuing education. The certificate can provide students with the needed requirement for graduate studies in ministry or biblical related field. For those in full-time ministry, a biblical studies certificate can provide a much-needed cluster of refresher courses to support your ministry or the needed courses to fulfill requirements for ordination or promotion.

Bible Study Leader

For those who do not find themselves in full-time ministry, the Biblical Studies Certificate can help provide the biblical foundation desired to better serve the local church through a variety of lay leadership roles.

Personal Growth

Many that pursue a Biblical Studies Certificate at TFC are seeking to study the word of God in an intensive and organized manner with a primary goal of spiritual growth.