Biblical Studies Certificate

The one-year Biblical Studies Certificate offered through the Bible & Theology Department provides non-degree students with a basic academic knowledge of the content, themes, and interpretation of the Bible. This program is designed to meet the desire for biblical studies by a wide variety of students who do not enroll in a course of study leading to an academic degree at this college. It will assist those who wish a foundation in Bible instruction prior to pursuing a degree in a different field. It serves lay people who desire to study the Word for personal growth or greater usefulness in their local churches. It also supplies the need of professionals and other college graduates who seek an intensive cluster of college level Bible courses to fulfill requirements of a mission board or other Christian organization. Ministry-related students seeking graduate degrees may need to take courses from this program to fulfill entrance prerequisites for their graduate programs.

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Program Layout

The Biblical Studies Certificate is a 30 credit hour program that includes courses like Hermeneutics, Introduction to the New Testament, Introduction to the Old Testament, and more!