Clinical Practice II

Teacher candidates continue in their school placement for authentic teaching experience under a mentor teacher and college supervisor. This placement begins during the Winterim term and continues throughout the spring semester. The teacher candidate, during the duration of clinical practice, will work towards assuming full responsibilities in the classroom. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to lesson planning, co-teaching assignments, assessment of student progress and learning, and participation in other teacher related activities. Weekly cohort sessions continue with their college supervisor to discuss methods and tasks pertinent to teaching, and to problem-solve various issues related to the teaching practice. Teacher candidates will complete a comprehensive, student-centered, multiple measure assessment to demonstrate application and mastery of the ten Professional Teaching Objectives based on the INTASC Standards. In addition to regular tuition a course fee of $130 will be charged. Prerequisite: EDU 413.


Clinical Practice
Course Information
  • Course Id:EDU 419
  • Credit:N/A
  • Room:N/A
  • Days:spring
  • Timings:9 hours

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