Clinical Practice I

Teacher candidates will be placed in a school for a year long practicum to being the instructional planning process in utilizing the state and national standards to collect and categorize resources, and begin building lessons and units. They will implement differentiated instruction based on the student demographics of their particular placement, and have opportunities to begin phasing into their teaching segments to experience the continuum of a school year in carrying out the scope and sequence of their various disciplines. Teacher candidates are placed in a cohort under a TFC supervisor, meeting regularly to carry out the process of reflective teaching in action and to develop their professional practice based on the 10 Professional Teaching Objectives (PTO) tied to the Conceptual Framework. In addition to regular tuition a course fee of $375 will be charged. Prerequisite: Admission to Clinical Practice.


Clinical Practice
Course Information
  • Course Id:EDU 413
  • Days:fall
  • Timings:3 hours

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