A broad overview of the biological sciences for non-majors including, but not limited to, scientific methodology, components of the cell, taxonomy, basic biochemistry, fundamental principles of genetics, environmental science, and biotechnology.


BIO 114 Biology I (4 hours, fall)

BIO 124 Biology II (4 hours, spring)

BIO 214 Anatomy & Physiology I (4 hours, fall)

BIO 224 Anatomy & Physiology II (4 hours, spring)

BIO 234 General Microbiology (4 hours, spring)

BIO 313 Evolutionary Biology (3 hours, spring even years)

BIO 314 Genetics (4 hours, fall odd years)

BIO 323 Introduction to Global Public Health (3 hours, spring odd years)

BIO 383 Study Abroad in Biology (3 hours, offered as announced)

BIO 401-3 Independent Study (1-3 hours, either semester or summer)

BIO 411 Senior Seminar (1 hour, spring)

BIO 413 Cell Biology (3 hours, fall even years)

BIO 423 Ecology (3 hours, fall odd years)

BIO 433 Selected Topics (3 hours, offered as announced)


Course Information
  • Course Id:BIO 104
  • Timings:4 hours

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