Helpful Health Information


Regarding Insurance
blood-driveIt is recommended you have a copy of your insurance and prescription cards to carry with you. Since not all insurance companies work with the same doctors and facilities, it is important that you know how to access your network to assure you see a healthcare provider your insurance has an agreement with so you do not get billed inappropriately. If you need help navigating this process, please stop by the Wellness Center for personal guidance.

While Toccoa Falls College does not require students to carry medical insurance, it is STRONGLY ADVISED. (Please note: Intercollegiate athletes ARE REQUIRED to have primary medical insurance.) If you do not have medical insurance, here is a list of possible resources:

Understanding Health Insurance for College Students

health-fairSome helpful hints for students and parents:

  • New students please complete required TFC Medical Forms and Immunizations and submit to Student Health Services. Forms can be found online at New Student Requirements or can be obtained at the Student Wellness Center.
  • Make sure you have prescription refills and/or the means to refill them when you are living on campus. School breaks are a good time to make arrangements to see healthcare providers to get refills (and take care of other health-related issues).
  • A list of health related community resources is available at the Student Wellness Center.
  • Student Health Services offers a variety of durable medical goods (i.e. crutches) that can be checked out on a temporary basis.
  • Personnel of the Student Wellness Center offer periodic wellness education opportunities during the school year. Watch for information on these offerings and join us!