Student Safety and Care

Keeping our community and students safe are critical to a well functioning environment that excels in mutual respect, care, and accountability. The following mechanisms are in place to help serve the campus community.


Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)
Key campus departments from multi-functional areas come together on a routine basis to discuss and provide follow up for students who are identified as having demonstrated concerning behavior or are experiencing difficult circumstances that could lead to problematic behavior. This review is based on an established protocol and within best practices from across the country as it relates to behavior intervention. The team receives reports from anyone in/outside of the college community, discusses known behavior from various contact points across the college, and determines the best set of solutions to support/protect/respond/intervene. The intake form that initiates the process is Student of Concern Report (below).

Campus Security Personnel
Security staff are present 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and perform routine inspections of campus buildings, both academic and residential.

Emergency Notifications
TFC employs an emergency alert notification system through e2Campus. This system assists the college in distributing time sensitive information to faculty, students, and staff as well as others who opt into the system. Examples of emergency alerts include disruption to campus operations for weather, incidents of violence, or other messages deemed credible to distribute via the system. Alerts distribute via a phone call, text message, email, and/or desktop alert (faculty/staff only).

Campus Entry Surveillance
As vehicles enter the campus of Toccoa Falls College, cameras are placed to take still images and video of vehicle identification. Visitors to campus are documented and identified as well.

Campus Building Security
Room locations in academic and administrative buildings across campus are outfitted with security mechanisms to control access.

Additional Measures

  • Measures are in place to ensure our campus is free of illegal drugs that include the surveillance and inspection of campus buildings and vehicles while also respecting the privacy of the campus community.
  • Residential buildings are access controlled for the safety of assigned residents.


Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Report
This form submits some basic information regarding incidents of discrimination or Title IX misconduct at Toccoa Falls College and that also involve faculty, students, and staff. Please submit as much as information as possible and click submit. All information provided remains confidential.

Campus Incident Report
This form should be used to report an incident that occurred on or off campus and that also involves a TFC student(s). This form is commonly used by Residence Life as well as Campus Safety/Security staff persons.

Student of Concern Report
This form should be used to report a student expressing or displaying behaviors that are unusual or create cause for present or future concern regarding the student or campus community.

Issues of Concern/Complaint
While open for use by faculty, staff, and those outside of TFC, this form should be used primarily by students as directed in the Student Handbook for issues related to general complaints about services/programs/activities/personnel and that also are not applicable to one of the above mentioned reporting forms.

Contact Us
If you are unsure how to proceed and you find yourself in a situation that needs guidance, we are here to help. The above forms are managed/reviewed by a variety of personnel from areas that include the Division of Student Affairs, Human Resources, and the Title IX Coordinator. Please call the Division of Student Affairs at 706-886-6831 for assistance or email us at the link provided.


2021 Annual Safety Report

2021 Fire Safety