Student Organization

The student organizations of Toccoa Falls College exist to empower students, foster growth through the pursuit of God-given passions, and bring like-minded students together to create community and discover how each individual is best used to accomplish God’s purposes on the earth. TFC Student Government Association currently offers 13 student organizations in which students can get involved. If you are interested in learning more about how to start a club or have any questions pertaining to clubs, contact SGA’s current Vice President, Tim Heath at, or contact SGA at

Adventure Bound – A community that creates experiences with God, man, and creation by inspiring students through adventures.

President: Grace Bergevin

Art Club – The Art Club strives to create a restful place for students to worship God through art. This is also a place for students to learn new art styles, and hone in on their craft. Beginning the Spring semester of 2021, we will meet one or two times a month. The current goal is to create an annual mural for the school, in addition to creating a culture of worship through art.

President: Shelby Wilkins

Atlanta Outreach Ministry – Atlanta Outreach travels to little five points on Friday nights to build relationships with the homeless in the area and be the hands and feet of Christ.

President: Jacob Head

Clarkston Refugee Ministry – Clarkston Refugee Ministry is a ministry that travels to Clarkston, GA almost every other Saturday to build relationships and connections with refugees, the people of Clarkston, and to assist the developing Envision campus there.

President: Alec Perrotto

Disc Golf Club – The Disc Golf Club aims to foster Christ-honoring community through the love of disc golf! Through our events we wish to provide positive experiences for those involved in the club and students alike. We want to provide a positive environment for the growth in skill, relationship with each other, and ultimately relationship with God. We plan to gather as a club and play a round of disc golf around once a week, either here on campus or at one of the local courses. We hope to install three new holes on the course in the near future and have a grand “re-opening” event with the new course layout.

President: Caleb Henzmann

Gaming Club – A club which exists to develop and strengthen Godly community on campus through gaming and events.

President: Haley Adams

Hmong Student Association (HSA) – The Hmong Student Association is a student organization that seeks to foster fellowship for all students – supporting, encouraging, and edifying the body of believers as we experience life together for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of God!

President: Malena Her

Sportsman’s Club –The Sportsman’s Club seeks to create platform to connect students with God and nature through outdoor recreational activities.

President: Wilfred Howe

Phi Beta Lambda – Preparing future leaders to be successful within their chosen professions by cultivating a Christ-centered business environment.

President: Kevin Jefferson

Philosophy Club – The Philosophy Club exists to provide students with the opportunity to gain understanding and wisdom through discussion and club-related events in order to engage our minds and worship God.

President: Linnea Clay

Rock Climbing Club – The Rock Climbing Club enjoys engaging with nature and each other through the specific sport of rock climbing, whether in our rock climbing gym or in nature!

President: Laurel Camp

Student Mission Fellowship (SMF) – SMF is a club that meets weekly for a time of worship, prayer for the nations, and the opportunity to hear what God is doing all over the world. We seek to help students get a better understanding of what Missions is and how they can get involved!

President: Abigail Haydel

Theatrical Society – The TFC Theatrical Society aims to glorify God through the art of theater by learning acting skills, building lasting friendships, developing responsible leaders, entertaining the student body and the local community, and ultimately performing for an audience of One.

President: Caris Schoolcraft

Toccoa Falls for Life – Toccoa Falls for Life raises awareness and support for the pro-life movement. They advocate for the lives of children and educate others on their views.

President: Madeline Davis

Tri Beta-Eta Delta Gamma Chapter – Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is an honor society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.

President: Adrielle Stevens