Missional Formation Practices

The Office of Spiritual Formation is committed to the idea that participating in the mission Dei (i.e., the mission of God) plays a significant role in the Christian formation of our students.

The Bible clearly tells us that spiritual maturation comes through ministry service (Eph 4:11-16). As we involve ourselves in the Great Commandment to love God and others (Matt 22:34-40) and the Great Commission to make disciples (Matt 28:16-20), we experience victories and challenges that contribute to our spiritual growth. Therefore, at TFC we not only encourage involvement in ministry, evangelism, and missions, we require participation in mentored Service and Outreach (SAO) experiences.

Leadership and Service – The Leadership and Service program at Toccoa Falls College equips students for lifelong leadership and service through partnerships with community organizations, local churches, and other unique outreach opportunities. Every student at Toccoa Falls College will complete four SAO credits before they graduate. It is through these opportunities that students can explore and develop their gifts to serve Christ, help others, and experience personal growth. The variety of opportunities allows our students to fulfill their SAO requirements in settings that put feet and hands to what they are learning in the classroom. SAO credits will be reflected on their permanent transcript. Students must go through the registration process each semester they are involved in a particular SAO to receive credit.

TFC students are encouraged by the Director of Leadership and Service and their department advisor to register for service opportunities that are related to their course work and major. All approved SAO opportunities are listed on myTFC.edu at myResources. The Office of Leadership and Service actively seeks to collaborate with local community organizations, the local church, and the TFC campus community. There are an application process and an approval committee for all potential partnerships.

Mission Trips – Although only Cross-Cultural majors are required to have a missional experience, TFC highly encourages all students to consider taking at least one mission trip during their time in college. We intentionally invite missional organizations to interact with students on campus, and we often organize mission trips that involve our students.

Internships – Some of the departments on campus require summer or semester-long internships that call for students to live out Christian principles and to practice ministry skills in a real-life ministry context. These usually occur during the Junior or Senior year so that students can begin to practice what they have learned.