Academic Integration

The Office of Spiritual Formation is committed to the idea that the classroom is a significant context for Christian formation.

Foundations of Spiritual Formation – Students are required to complete BSF103, preferably within the first year of enrolling at TFC. This course provides an introduction to the basic principles and formative practices of Christian formation that create the conditions for a faithful life before God. Throughout this course, students are invited to open all of life to God’s transformative work. Specifically, Christian formation as the process of being transformed (with personal and corporate dimensions) into the image of Jesus (true humanity) Christ, our Savior and Lord, and to be fashioned anew by the ongoing work of the Spirit for faithful participation in the Father’s redemptive mission in and for the sake of the world. One of the concluding goals of this course is to assist students in the development of an intentional plan for ongoing, Christian formation for their subsequent years at TFC.

Integration of Faith & Learning – Throughout their academic career, students are encouraged to participate and collaborate with professors/instructors to ensure the purposeful integration of faith and learning in the classroom with an eye towards faithful living in the world.