SimMan for Nursing

FSN SimMan

SimMan For Nursing

A match grant has been set up to purchase a state-of-the-art simulation man for the Fetterman School of Nursing.  This instrument is a human-looking mannequin that can show a range of symptoms while breathing, talking, and generating heart sounds, as stipulated by a nursing professor through a computer program behind a two-way mirror. Imagine Nursing students huddled around a patient, recognizing jaundiced skin, fever, and a swollen abdomen.  They are required to combine symptoms to make a diagnosis. Then, the patient worsens, his monitor begins to beep, and the pressure for action is intensified. Such real-life experiences are crucial for nursing education without risks to patients, and the SimMan is crucial for our new Nursing program.  An anonymous donation comes as a match up to $75,000.

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