Nate Brown


Years at TFC – 2002-2006

Degree – Business Administration

What you did following college – Got married to Crystal Brown, TFC class of 2006

What you are doing now – Working for a safety science company called UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) in Nashville, TN

Other items of interest – Planning the TFC Alumni 10-year Reunion Party this summer, everyone needs to come out! We homeschool both our daughters and it’s awesome. I was cut from the TFC soccer team by being asked, “did you know we have a golf team?” This was great, because that golf team ended up being a blast, and I was not that good at soccer.

Impact TFC had on your life – Toccoa gave me an excellent spiritual framework to see the World. Our family is always looking for ways to further God’s kingdom, and TFC was and is a huge part of that!