Murry Evans

Murry Evans

Years at Toccoa Falls College:

1976-1980 (student)


B.S. Missiology (Cross-Cultural Studies)

Following College:

Toccoa Falls College (1980-1982) Admissions Counselor

Camfel Productions (1982-1983) Multi-Media Specialist

Pacific Bell (1983-1984) Customer Service/Sales/Marketing

Camfel Productions (1984-1986) National Director of Marketing and Distribution

Toccoa Falls College (1986-1992) Director of Admissions

Simpson University (1992-2000) Vice President for Enrollment Management/Chief Marketing Officer

[Between 2000 and 2002, I finished my MBA at the University of Surrey in Guildford, United Kingdom and also served as a consultant/speaker to various organizations, conferences both nationally and internationally.]

Geneva College (2002-2004) Vice President for Enrollment Services

College Entrance Examination Board (The College Board) (2004-2008) Manager, Higher Education Services, Southern Region

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (2008-Present) Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations

What are you doing now?

Currently, I am serving as Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Carnegie Mellon’s campus in the Middle East. I am responsible for building Carnegie Mellon’s brand and reputation in this part of the world. I oversee the following areas: publications, media relations, website content, graphic design, special events, alumni relations and social media.

In Qatar, we’ve had the opportunity to host such unique visitors as Paula Wagner (Producer of the Mission Impossible series), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Hillary Clinton (while she was Secretary of State), Steven Chu (while he was U.S. Secretary of Energy), Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group), Gordon Brown (former Prime Minister of Great Britain), Mahmoud Abbas (President of Palestine), President Rafael Correa (President of Ecuador), H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani (Emir of the State of Qatar), H.H. Sheikha Moza bint Nasser (Chairperson of Qatar Foundation) . . . just to name a few.

I have been with Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar for almost 7.5 years, initially planning to come for a 3-year term. I will conclude my time with CMU-Q in December to return to the United States. I am looking forward to a brand new adventure in 2016!

Impact TFC has had on my life:

I was fortunate to have Dr. Norman Allison as both my professor and advisor. He acquainted us with the academic work of James Engel, a cross-cultural communication strategist who was currently teaching at Wheaton. As a Cross-Cultural Studies (formerly called Missiology) major, one of the things that I was required to do was a cultural analysis of a people group and then develop a strategy to effectively communicate to that particular people group—using James Engle’s model.

As a marketing executive and a university administrator, I have used this skill set throughout my career and it has served as a foundation of how I’ve worked. Marketing communications is merely studying a target market (people group), and then developing a strategy to communicate the message to that market in a way that the people in that particular target market will listen. Basically, effective communication involves getting the right message to the right people through the right channels at the right time. I learned that under Dr. Allison.

Dr. Allison’s teaching and influence became even more relevant these past 7+ years while serving in the Middle East at Carnegie Mellon. I am grateful for the broad education I received at Toccoa Falls. Although my chosen career is not what I originally set out to do, Toccoa Falls prepared me effectively for a lifetime of service in higher education marketing.

The other skill set that has influenced my success is the development of strong writing skills. I still remember that Dr. McGraw’s papers were not graded on content alone but on writing and grammar as well. Additionally, my senior thesis for Dr. Allison had to be letter perfect or it was sent back for revision. While this “drove me nuts” as a student (and I had to retake the course), I am grateful for this skill set now for it has served me well throughout my career.

I have appreciated the influence of people like Dr. John McCarthy, Dr. Norman Allison, Dr. Jim Grant, Dr. Michael Scales (now President of Nyack College), Dr. Gerald McGraw, and Mr. Ray Woerner. All of these—and so many more—have had a profound influence on my life and career. For this, I am very grateful.