Ministry & Leadership Department Lounge

ministry & leadership lounge

Ministry & Leadership Department Lounge

For over 50 years, the Ministry and Leadership Department (formerly the Christian Education Department) has been preparing hundreds of men and women for leadership roles in ministry and faith-based organizations. Each day scores of students come through the Ministry and Leadership  Center on their way to classes. Due to the location of the building on campus, this can be a small trek for students lugging textbooks – especially when they have multiple classes in the same day. We have plans to repurpose the former photography dark room into a lounge for the students allowing them a place to rest between classes, fellowship with each other, study from the small library of resources that will be available, and cover practical needs of internet and charging receptacles. The anticipated costs for the remodel will be $5,500. We have currently raised $1,000 from donors and will be asking students from each major to participate in creative fundraising aligned with their major. We would be blessed to have others who have benefited from the ministry of the department over the years join us in contributing as well.

This projects has been funded!  Thank you for your support!