Lori Lunceford Koser

Lori Koser

Education Degree Jan 1979-Dec. 1983

Broadcasting Degree Aug 1988 – May 1991

After College I have been teaching middle and high school video broadcasting. I obtained my Master’s degree in Recreational and Sports Sciences from Ohio University. I have actively coached girls’ soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Recently, I have taken a sabbatical from this so that I can follow my two daughters who are on the Screaming Eagles Soccer Team.

I have a son Josh who graduated from TFC in 2015, Katy a present Junior, and Briana a Freshman on campus. I currently teach school in Gwinnett County. My husband Mark and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary.

Attending Toccoa Falls is a family tradition, as both my parents, siblings, and most family members attended or graduated from the college throughout the years.

The best time of my life was attending Toccoa Falls in which I established friendships for life. I was active in the college choir, small music ensembles, and the girls’ basketball team. My favorite memory was when our basketball team was greeted with a victory parade from classmates on the lower road of the campus. We had just defeated Kentucky Christian for the District Championship! That first banner still hangs in the gym today.

In addition to the various campus opportunities and the friendships that I have made at TFC, I greatly treasure the bible classes that I took. The challenges from the professors have stayed with me and enlightened me into new areas of my spiritual journey.

Lastly, as I travel back to campus now for soccer games, I am reacquainting with old friends. The relationships pick up where they left off and are a reminder of how Heaven will be.