Janet Murray Purchase

janet purchase

Bachelor of Science, Church Music

Janet is the Energy Manager for Riverside County, California (the 10th largest county in the U.S.). As Energy Manager, she is responsible for utility billing, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy in over 750 county-owned and leased facilities.

Other Items of Interest:  

  • Married to Terry Purchase
  • Son Alex Mauren (23) – Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Currently serving at Marine Corps Air Station-Miramar (San Diego) as an airframe mechanic for the Boeing Osprey.
  • Son Brett Mauren (18) – A senior in high school. He is a Captain in his high school AFJROTC. He plays guitar and sings in the church’s high school worship band.
  • Janet is in her 7th year as the pianist for a local middle school choir program.

Impact TFC had on my life: Janet says, “there are several valuable things I took away from my time at TFC. I do get teased about being a music major and working in the energy management field. A large part of being a music major is learning to work independently. I had to identify the goal (master a piece of music, perform a recital), then break that task down into steps. I had to learn to evaluate my progress, take steps to correct deficiencies, and identify improvements so that I delivered a quality product. I do that all the time in my work in energy.

In addition, I also left TFC with good writing skills. I didn’t realize it at the time, but all the writing instruction I received (as well as the many papers required!) gave me tools that I use all the time. These writing skills have enabled me to write grants and receive over $7.2 million in grant awards for Riverside County.”