Jane Haas Damron

jane damron

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations (2005)
Minor in Biblical and Theological Studies

After graduating and working for several years in various administrative and marketing/PR roles, she returned to the state of Texas and earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from Baylor University. In 2010, she was hired as a full-time Lecturer in Communication at Baylor and, in August, she will begin my sixth year in this role. In addition to teaching courses in Interpersonal Comm, Nonverbal Comm, and Small Group Comm, she also oversees the department’s social media presence. She is in the process of earning a Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication from The University of Texas at Austin.

Other items of Interest:

  • Married Caleb Damron in 2007.
  • Younger brother Kenneth (“Kenny”) Haas also attended TFC and graduated with a degree in Business in 2009.
  • Fun fact: Husband Caleb’s grandfather, Coy Damron, was the twin brother of TFC’s own Troy Damron (author of A Tree God Planted: The Story of Toccoa Falls College).

Impact TFC had on your life:
Jane says, “When I think about the impact Toccoa Falls College has had on my life, four main things come to mind:
1. I was blessed to be taught by some incredible professors at TFC. I encountered faculty members who taught me how to think rather than what to think, who continue to invest in me as mentors and friends, and who – through my memories of their individual classroom styles – inspire me to be the best teacher and scholar I can be.
2. I made some wonderful, life-long friendships at TFC and I have been amazed to see how these friendships continue to evolve and deepen with time. It is a very special thing to be able to maintain close relationships with individuals who knew you during your formative years, aka the “good old days,” and who are still just as eager to know and invest in you today.
3. I learned so many life skills and leadership lessons through my various extracurricular commitments at TFC. Being a member of SGA was particularly pivotal; over the course of my time in this role, I went from being a college kid to a true professional. The things I learned about group dynamics, organizational culture, administration, and leadership remain with me today.
4. I was very positively affected by my participation in the 2005 Study Abroad to Europe. That was my first trip to another continent and not only did it inspire my deep love of travel, but it also significantly broadened my frame of reference and worldview. The cross-cultural insights I gained during that trip continue to inform my views and values today.”