Andrea Lopez Burns

andrea burns

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education

Andrea is a second-grade teacher at Preston Elementary School. This is her third year at this school, and she looks forward to continuing her career with PES. She is currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Differentiated Instruction. She also owns and operates her own portrait photography business.

Other items of interest:

  • Andrea was the third generation at TFC. Grandparents are Clifford & Pauline (Tingen) McCrary (1950) and parents are Oscar & Pamela (McCrary) Lopez (1977).
  • Andrea is nationally recognized for her photography and has been published in various digital and print publications several times.
  • Andrea is an avid runner and road cyclist. Upon finishing races, she most often places in the top 10% of her age group. Her biggest race accomplishment was finishing the Marine Corp Marathon in 2010 in 4:19.
  • Andrea has been married to her TFC college sweetheart Nate Burns (2003) since 2001. They have three children, Seth (10), Lucas (8), and Audrey (6).

Impact TFC had on my life: Andrea says, “Toccoa Falls College had a profound impact on my life. I always remember TFC fondly and wistfully wish I could spend one more day with my friends at “The Back Table” in the Dining Hall. TFC helped me to grow spiritually in ways that help me to minister to coworkers and clients. I feel that I entered TFC as a child, and left TFC as an adult ready for the world. TFC environment was nurturing and encouraging, and unlike anything I’ve seen since. I look forward to the day my children can attend!”