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The Toccoa Falls Alumni Association is managed by a Board of Directors selected by and from the alumni general membership. The Board of Directors meets several times throughout the year to plan programs and coordinate affairs of the Alumni Association. All members of the Alumni Association are entitled to a wide range of benefits and services offered by Toccoa Falls College and the Alumni Office.

The Alumni Association maintains a lifelong connection between its members and their alma mater. Part of the continuing process of strengthening the association is seeking ways to develop and maintain effective communication and involvement with current alumni and future alumni (current students) to not only engage them in the life and work of the college but also to become involved in local communities for purposes of becoming effective “ambassadors” of the college.

It should be known that the life of the Alumni Association is its members. It’s the members who give an association life, and it’s the commitment from the Alumni Staff to provide the best programs and events to garner that “life” and foster growth and strength.

 Your Alumni Association together with the Toccoa Falls College Student Government Association would like to present a short film, The Power of a Dollar.

Do you remember your time at TFC? How did you build the friendships that continue on to today? What memories did you make outside of the classroom? How would you like to help this generation of Toccoa Falls Students make lasting memories and priceless friendships? Do you know the power of a dollar?

The Dollar Club has the answer. If every person in this Facebook group gave just $1 we could eliminate apparel fundraising for ALL of our TFC athletes, or we could pay the science lab fees for over 80 students! And that is if each of us only gave a one-time gift of $1. However, imagine what the difference might be if each donated $1 every month! We could pay for nearly every student’s student fee for the entire year. Student fees are used to pay for the fun, memory-making events for students. The Alumni Association has gifted $500 to the Student Government Association. With it, they are able to enrich the lives of the students. They can purchase sports equipment, put on theatrical plays, serve the community through outreaches and enhance student life on campus. What’s the big deal? It’s only 1 dollar? Did you know that the more alum that give, the greater the opportunity to receive donations from foundations and philanthropic organizations? The advancement office and school leadership can use the number of givers to leverage grant givers. It is amazing!

In the future, we would like to see your gifts go directly to individual students or the student body as a whole. We hope to be able to bless students through paying for a class or buying their books. We want to partner with the students and find out what dreams they want to accomplish for TFC but are limited due to finances then help them see their dreams realized.

We hope you will be inspired to give to this ongoing fund as we work to show the students their alumni care about them as much as we do the school.

What a joy it will be for you to one day return to campus and see the changes you have helped create for campus life through your donation of $1.

To Donate Make sure to select Dollar Club under the Gift Designation drop-down list. And be sure to check back periodically to see how your gift has been used to bless the students.

Thank you for your interest in the future of Toccoa Falls College.

Kristin Johnson (2007)
Alumni Board President