Online Services

It is the goal of Toccoa Falls College to provide the same services and opportunities to online students that are available to residential students. Below is information and contacts for the services and opportunities that are available to our online students.





Once a student is accepted to TFC they are assigned an academic advisor. This advisor will help the student plan out the best courses to take in upcoming semesters and assist students with any issues or concerns that may arise during their time at TFC.


Counseling is available to online students by contacting one of our licensed professional counselors in the TFC Student Wellness Center.

IT Support

Technical support is available to all students. If an online student is having difficulty with their computer, software, or course page they may contact IT Support at at any point. The email will be assigned to the appropriate staff member to assist the student as quickly as possible.

Online Librarian

Online students are provided with an online librarian. While students are introduced to the library services during orientation, Online Librarian, Torri Beck, is available throughout their time at TFC to assist in checking out books, finding resources in the online library and helping with other library needs. Torri can be contacted at


All incoming online students will take TFC100. This is a non-credit course that introduces students to the format and function of online courses and also exposes them to the history and culture of TFC.

Tutoring/ Center for Academic Success

Tutoring and assistance for students with disabilities is available through the Center for Academic Success. Tutoring hours for the Fall and Spring semesters are Sunday – Thursday 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Students needing assistance can contact Nancy Hyndman at



Students living within 40 miles of the campus are eligible to participate in athletics. Students living further than 40 miles will be considered at the discretion of the Athletic Director. Athletics at TFC are part of the NCCAA Division 2 and include the following sports: Baseball, Men & Women’s Basketball, Men & Women’s Cross Country, Men & Women’s Soccer, and Volleyball. Interested individuals should contact the Athletics Department.


While it is not a requirement for online students to participate in chapel, we do make our chapel videos available to students through the our Youtube page. We encourage online students to view these regularly as another way to connect with what is happening on campus. A schedule of upcoming chapels is also provided for students if they would like to plan to attend one or more in person.


Online students are welcome to participate in clubs and organizations. Clubs often meet on campus but occasionally there will be trips and events off campus. Students should contact their advisor to see what opportunities are available for students at a distance.


Students living within 40 miles of the campus can participate in intramurals. Students living further than 40 miles will be considered at the discretion of the Intramural Director. The annual intramural schedule is as follows: Fall: Soccer, Football, & Ultimate Frisbee. Spring: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, & Beach Volleyball.

Service & Outreach

All online students will complete four semesters of Service & Outreach during their time at TFC. This is an opportunity for students to engage in their communities wherever they may be located. Online students have the choice of a variety of community or church outreach experiences in which to participate. Students should contact Danny R for more information at

Study Abroad

If an online student is interested in a study abroad trip they should contact their academic advisor to learn what trips will be available within the next few semesters. More information on study abroad trips can be found through the website link above.