Online Services


Once a student is accepted to TFC they are assigned an academic advisor based on their major. This advisor will help the student plan out the best courses to take in upcoming semesters and assist students with any issues or concerns that may arise. The advisors are listed below.

Anna McClatchy

  • Associate of Arts in General Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in General Studies
  • Biblical Studies Certificate
  • Cross Cultural Certificate
  • Pre-Nursing Plan
  • Pre-Teacher Education Plan

Brenna Vickers

  • Counseling Psychology

Dina Merck

  • Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministry

Kevin Burris

  • Bachelor of Science is Biblical Studies

Selina Slate

  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Torri Beck

  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Business Administration

Career & Counseling


Amy Marshall, Counselor

Counseling services are available to online students by contacting one of our licensed professional counselors in the TFC Student Wellness Center.


Career Services is available to online students to assist them with their vocational and career learning. Career Services assists current students and alumni on choosing a major that aligns with a desired career, assessment inventories to target career strengths, and skill development such as mock interviews and resume critiques. TFC Career Services.

IT Support

Technical support is available to all students. If an online student is having difficulty with their computer, software, or course page they may contact IT Support at any point. The email will be assigned to the appropriate staff member to assist the student as quickly as possible.

Online Librarian

Torri Beck Online Librarian

Online students are provided with an online librarian. While students are introduced to the library services during orientation, Online Librarian, Torri Beck, is available throughout their time at TFC to assist in checking out books, finding resources in the online library and helping with other library needs.


Anna McClatchy, Director of Online Education

All incoming online students will take TFC100. This is a non-credit course that introduces students to the format and functions of online courses. The course also exposes them to the history and culture of TFC.

Service & Outreach

Faith Newey

All online students will complete either, two semesters for an associate’s degree or four semesters for a bachelor’s degree, of Service & Outreach credit during their time at TFC. This is an opportunity for students to engage in their communities wherever they may be located. Online students have the choice of a variety of community or church outreach experiences in which to participate. More information can be found on the Leadership & Service page.

Tutoring & Center for Academic Success

Nancy Hyndman, Director for the Center for Academic Success

Tutoring and assistance for students with disabilities is available through the Center for Academic Success. Tutoring hours for the fall and spring semesters are Sunday – Thursday 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Accommodations in courses may be available by filling out the Accommodations Request Form