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Each fall, about 10% of TFC’s incoming class consists of students that have been home-schooled. Once on campus, one of the most important priorities of college staff is helping students adjust to college life. TFC is an excellent college choice for home-school students due in part to our small classes and low faculty to student ratio. TFC is committed to helping each student transition smoothly into their college career.

Whichever college you choose should provide opportunities in academics, social activities, spiritual life, friendships and self-exploration that will solidify who you are and where you plan to go in life. An education at Toccoa Falls College challenges students in every aspect of life. Our faculty and staff teach you to think, to conceptualize, solve problems, and make decisions for yourself. You will develop the intellect needed to adapt to a constantly changing world. Upon graduation from TFC, you’ll have confidence knowing you are prepared for whatever life path you have chosen.

At TFC, you will also build character and learn about service and the ability to work well with others. Visitors always remark on the friendliness of our students, faculty, and staff. You will experience this firsthand when you and your family arrive at your residence hall the first day. Don’t be surprised when a group of students unload your car and brings all your things to your room. Hospitality is part of our culture here, and it’s driven by our desire to follow Jesus’s lead in loving people through serving them and sharing His love with others. TFC empowers you to develop relationships that last forever. All in an environment that was designed to help you succeed. Don’t forget the endless recreational activities that allow for creativity and too much fun to mention! It’s all part of the TFC experience, and we know you are going to LOVE it!

Our Office of Admissions is here to help you every step of the way. Please give us a call and let us know how we can help you today.


  • Application
  • $30 Application Fee
  • Personal Testimony
  • Official High School Transcript
  • We’re test-optional! If you’ve taken the SAT, ACT or CLT, you can submit those scores with your application or to your admissions counselor. If you haven’t taken a standardized test, it’s not necessary for acceptance.
  • Official College Transcript(s) from ALL Colleges Attended

Toccoa Falls College reserves the right to examine an applicant further by personal interview.


Does TFC require home-schooled students to take the GED?

TFC does not require home-schooled students to take the GED.

What is the TFC recommended high school curriculum of home-school students?

TFC does not endorse any particular curricular high school structure. However, our recommended high school coursework is listed in the academic and spiritual requirements section of our Academic Catalog.

What should my transcript look like?

Transcripts should be obtained from an accrediting or outside group when possible. If this is unavailable, prepare the list of classes, and the grades received in each class and mail them to the Office of Admissions. If you need a template, you may download the Transcript Tutorial. Please include the quantitative grading scale (i.e., 90-100 equals A, 80-89 equals B, etc.). It is not required that you use the Transcript Tutorial if you already have a transcript template.

Can home-schooled students receive the Georgia HOPE Scholarship?

Home-schooled students from Georgia can be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship if they score in the national composite 75th percentile or higher on the SAT or ACT. More information about the score requirements can be found here. If the student does not meet this requirement, they may qualify for the HOPE Scholarship after attempting 30, 60, or 90 college semester hours of study if they earn a college cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Do home-schooled at TFC fit in and adjust smoothly to college life?

Over the past five years, TFC has enrolled over 100 home-schooled students. Once students are on campus, one of the most important priorities of the college staff is helping students to adjust to college life. Our week-long orientation program includes TFC Success Seminar, a course designed to help students become familiar with the college’s services and to obtain the skills necessary for academic and social success. Toccoa Falls College is committed to helping each student transition smoothly into their college career.


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