Saints Bible Institute

Saints Bible Institute is an evangelical institution in Northern Italy sponsored by Saints Equipped to Evangelize. The Italy campus program invites and hosts Christian college students from America through partnerships in a semester abroad program.

The semester programs staff American Christian college profs as well as qualified pastors and missionaries who teach American students in English. The 19-hour curriculum includes history, theology, humanities, and ministry in an Italian context. Excursions to Venice, Florence, and Rome accompany the semester curriculum. Students labor in community and participate in ministry service. Profs of sponsoring institutions can serve in teaching capacities in the program. TFC is a supporting institution, and its students are automatically eligible to attend.



Saints Equipped to Evangelize Mission: We are devoted to church-planting and discipleship among the people of Italy. Our church-planting team is devoted to sharing the love of Jesus in one of the world’s most overlooked mission fields. We plant churches, train elders, disciple new believers, serve our community, host missions teams from the United States, and nurture Christian family life in ultra-secular Western Europe. Additionally, we are committed to forming Christian college students into lifelong disciples of Jesus with a wider perspective on the church in Italy past, present, and future.

The institute defines its educational goals: Expand your view of Italy, expand your view of the gospel, of the world, and of yourself. Join us at Saints Bible Institute for a semester abroad brimming with personal growth, missions training, travel, and intensive learning. We aim to prepare you for a lifetime of evangelism, discipleship, cultural savvy, and perspective on European life and culture. The integration of faith and learning is evident and all of their staff are evangelicals.

Application packets for study abroad opportunities at TFC may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office, or you can use the application materials listed below:



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