Transient Students

Toccoa Falls College defines a “Transient Student” as a student enrolled in good standing in a degree-seeking program at another school, but with the approval from their home institution, has permission to take one or two specified TFC courses to transfer back to their home institution.

The college encourages application from students interested in the evangelical Christian perspective and curriculum at Toccoa Falls College and who demonstrate a commitment to its philosophy of education. Toccoa Falls College seeks evidence of Christian commitment and character, as well as the capacity and desire to learn. The TFC Registrar’s Office will consider Transient applicants for admission after the following items are received:

  • Transient Student Application
  • Applicant will need to provide a Transient Student Letter on letterhead from the Registrar of the home institution to include the following information:
    • Student Name and SSN
    • Authorization from the home institution:
      • to be a transient student at TFC
      • that the student is in ‘good academic standing’ at the home institution
      • to take specified courses (list)

The college reserves the right to further request the academic transcript of the applicant be submitted. The Transient Student Letter should be sent to the TFC Registrar at the following address:

Registrar’s Office, MSC 896
Toccoa Falls College
Toccoa Falls, GA 30598

Transient student status is valid for one TFC term. Transient students are considered “non-degree-seeking” students at TFC and are therefore not eligible for federal, state, or institutional financial aid. Payment must be reconciled with TFC Student Financial Services prior the beginning of the course. Transient students are responsible to order their TFC transcript for their home institution at the conclusion of their course(s).

TFC strives to provide efficient and friendly service. If you have any questions, please contact the TFC Registrar at

Toccoa Falls College does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. Admission to the college does not constitute automatic continuation in future semesters. The college reserves the right to refuse admission or continuation to any student. Any student who intentionally withholds pertinent information or falsifies such information may be required to withdraw from the college.