Pre-Law Study

Pre-Law Plan of Study at TFC

It surprises many students to learn that law schools do not recommend a particular curricular path for admission. Instead, they prefer applicants prepared by a broad range of challenging courses that develop skills in areas such as problem solving, critical thinking, research, writing, and oral communication. Therefore, most colleges do not offer a “pre-law” major. The American Bar Association (ABA) counsels undergraduate students as follows: “The ABA does not recommend any undergraduate majors or group of courses to prepare for a legal education. Students are admitted to law school from almost every academic discipline…”

Toccoa Falls College offers majors in Business, English, History, and Philosophy as standard routes to law school. However, our majors in Biblical Studies, Communication Studies, and Cross-Cultural Studies also develop proficiencies that law schools find highly desirable (careful reading and analysis of complex material, speaking and listening skills, and an understanding of diverse cultures, respectively). Regardless of the major chosen, students should consider taking several of the following courses as electives, or as components of a minor:

  • BUS 343 Business Law
  • COM 283 Persuasion
  • CRJ 113 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 223 Judicial Process
  • CRJ 313 Criminal Law
  • ECO 213 Microeconomics
  • ENG 383 Advanced Composition
  • HIS 233 History of the United States I
  • IPC 343 Advanced Public Speaking
  • PHY 223 Logic
  • PHY 233 Critical Thinking
  • PHY 243 Ethics
  • POL 213 American Government

In addition to rigorous academic training, law schools value service to others and the promotion of justice. To again cite the ABA, “you should seek some significant experience, before coming to law school, in which you may devote substantial effort toward assisting others. Participation in public service projects or similar efforts at achieving objectives established for common purposes can be particularly helpful.” These objectives align nicely with the intention of TFC to be a college that intentionally integrates the development of character with intellect. Students interested in law school have the opportunity to demonstrate these values through our Service & Outreach program, and they should think about tailoring their Service & Outreach choices accordingly. Involvement in TFC student organizations like Student Government Association (SGA) and Students of Diversity (SOD) also provides valuable experience in this area. Students interested in pursuing a legal education should consult with the Chair of the Humanities & Natural Sciences Department as early in their academic training as possible. The Department works with you to ensure that your curricular goals are met and that you receive the best available information to achieve a strong performance on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).