Pastoral Ministries

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries program is committed to prepare and equip pastors who are sensitive to the voice of God and speak His truth into the lives of others with boldness and love. The program is designed to provide both academic and practical experiences in the diverse skill sets expected of contemporary pastors including homiletics, counseling, evangelistic functions, interpersonal relationships, leadership, and church administration. Your time at TFC will be focused on learning how to fulfill the unique calling that God has placed on your life.

Why the Pastoral Ministries program?

  • The four-year BA and BS programs emphasize pastoral ministry that cares for and leads people to faith and obedience in Jesus Christ.
  • Our recommended curriculum includes:
    • A minor in Bible and Theology
    • A preaching lab that provides recorded feedback on preaching and presentations in a simulated church environment.
    • 6 weeks to 6 months of practical ministry experience in the form of internship provides hands-on experience under a formal mentor as the student prepares to candidate in churches or to go on to seminary.
  • Students can participate in the Advanced Ministry Experience program
    • Substitutes Service and Outreach requirements for pastoral related activities, including discipleship, evangelism/outreach, prayer, preaching and visitation.
    • Adds an estimated 150 hours of practical ministry experience to student’s academic experience.
    • Participation is highlighted on any personal reference requests.
  • Connect with your calling
    • Students can opt into a Mentoring Program that spans their time at TFC that includes a deepening of biblical knowledge, disciple-making skills, and practical ministry experience.
    • Receive personal advising and vocational guidance
    • Benefit from our Toccoa Falls faculty and alumni network who can provide targeted career guidance- worldwide
  • Local partnerships
    • With strong ties to churches in the community and region, you will have unique opportunities to practice ministry experiences with ordained, experienced pastors.

Program Outcomes

  • Understanding the relationship of a biblical text to the sermon
  • Developing skills in constructing and presenting expository sermons
  • Preparation for baptism, communion, weddings, funerals, and other pastoral activities.
  • Understanding the various roles of the office of pastor and the corresponding diverse expectations of the local congregation
  • Nurturing a clearer understanding of and commitment to one’s own personal call and preparation through the development of spiritual character, emotional health, and maturity.