Outdoor Leadership and Education

Outdoor Leadership & Education

The B.S. in OLE combines adventure, wilderness, camping, and environmental education into one unique program of study. You will be able to research, design and carry-out outdoor education programs that will be safe, challenging and rewarding. Classes are taught in a distinctively Christian context, with an emphasis on integrating a Biblical worldview into classes and experiences.


For a long time now, Outdoor Leadership and Adventure Education Programs have been an exciting part of many camps, churches, para-church ministries, schools and corporate arenas. With its ever-growing popularity comes the need for qualified and experienced leaders. As the field grows so do industry standards for leadership training. Toccoa Falls College is committed to training Christian outdoor leaders with the necessary skills and qualifications to assist them in beginning rewarding careers and life-long ministries in the outdoor field.

An Adventurous Curriculum
Because of the emphasis put on a premier Christian education, the program will prepare you to provide cutting edge outdoor programs with cultural sensitivity and a well-grounded Biblical worldview. Through class discussions and field experience, you will research, design and carry-out outdoor programs that are fun, safe and rewarding. In addition to a Biblical education, (30 hours) you will also receive extensive knowledge and experience in outdoor and wilderness ethics and design, environmental concerns and current trends emerging within this field.

An Engaging Faculty
Our dedicated faculty are committed to being at your side in your endeavors. Emphasis is put on learning by doing. Therefore your outdoor education professors will be teaching, mentoring, discipling, and challenging you in both the indoor and outdoor classroom to discover your unique abilities and talents as they participate with you.

A Challenging Environment
TFC is located in an ideal setting for outdoor education. The campus, located on 1100 acres, boasts of hills, streams, waterfalls (large and small), rock outcroppings, mountain laurel groves, beautiful flora and fauna. There is an abundance of rivers, mountains, lakes, and wilderness areas within 30 minutes to an hour away. Mount Yonah and Currahee Mountain offer splendid rock climbing, the Chattooga and Nantahala Rivers present great whitewater opportunities, and hiking/backpacking trails are numerous with the Appalachian Trail and the Bartram Trail nearby. The College has a very active Outdoor Club that regularly takes advantage of the diverse and challenging recreational opportunities in the area.

Exciting Career Opportunities
Many of our graduates have gone on to very rewarding careers. Careers can include staffing in camps, environmental centers, wilderness and adventure fields, therapeutic schools, adventure-based counseling programs, churches and para-church ministries. Skills obtained in the outdoor education program help graduates in all areas of life because of the strong emphasis placed on inter and intra-personal growth, leadership, problem-solving, judgment, skill and discipleship experiences.


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