General Music

General Music

The Music major will equip you with knowledge, skill, and character pertinent to general music-related careers from a biblical worldview for kingdom service. Flexibility is the key advantage of this degree. By completing this major you will be well-equipped for future opportunities such as community studio music teachers, music retailers, music librarians, and music assistants. This includes 21 hours of electives which is enough to pick up a minor in any area that you’re interested in, such as Counseling (in preparation for Music Therapy).

One of our greatest resources is highly qualified and dedicated faculty who draw on their spiritual roots, professional experience and expertise to nurture your talent.

General Student Recitals

General Student Recitals, or GSRs, are a large part of the life of a Music Major here at Toccoa Falls College. Typically, each student performs in at least one GSR per semester, depending on the major or minor type. Generally, GSRs are Fridays at four o’clock, tend to be an hour long and take place four or five times throughout a semester. Family, friends, and TFC students are welcomed and encouraged to attend at no cost. Music students are required to attend.

The purpose of performing at these recitals is to give each student a chance to share what they have been working on and then receive helpful feedback on their performance from professors. In turn, this strengthens the students’ confidence, skills, and experience level as they perform live on stage with an audience. Students who attend have the opportunity to expand their listening repertoire as they are exposed to various styles and genres of music literature in several languages and through instrumental performances. Students are also encouraged to remember to do everything for God’s glory, not only during the performance but also in practicing and lessons that help prepare the student for a GSR. The ultimate goals of GSRs are to better the performer in a performance setting while expanding the student’s repertoire, all the while remembering first and foremost for Whom it is done and why.



  • Pre-Ethnomusicology
  • Music Minor

Audition Information

In addition to meeting the entrance requirements of the college, all applicants for admission to the Music Department, freshmen or transfers, are required to audition. Auditions are scheduled throughout the academic year.

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