The English major in a Christian college setting provides a rich window for the cultural and intellectual heritage of  Western man and a thorough grounding in the basic tools of learning that apply to all the humanities. English is also an excellent pre-professional degree, preferred by admissions officers in theological seminaries, law schools, journalism schools, and etc.

The English major provides intellectual preparation in the skills of language use and interpretation, academic preparation in the history of English and American literature, and professional preparation for graduate work in English, seminary, or law. Combined with TFC’s strong Bible base, this liberal arts program offers opportunities for the integration of faith and learning unparalleled in most other colleges.


What can I do with an English Major besides teach English?

The B.A. in English is a very popular degree with seminary and law school admissions counselors. It is also excellent as a general preparation for a career in Christian writing. With Greek to fulfill the language requirement and a Cross-Cultural Studies minor, it would be excellent training for future Bible translators.

What if I want to teach English in a public school?

The Teacher Education Department offers a Secondary Education major with an English concentration that provides attention to the art of teaching as well as English itself, and leads to state certification. The Humanities and Natural Sciences Department provides the English component of that program.

I want to write for things like magazines, newspapers, books, or promotional literature. Should I major in English or in Communication Studies with a Mass Communication concentration?

You should plan to major in either one and minor in the other. By the time you have to commit to a major (toward the end of your sophomore year), it will be clear to you which path you should follow.

What is the difference between an English degree at a Christian college versus a public college or university?

A public university may offer a bewildering smorgasbord of course options while TFC’s is more focused on major periods and authors. Also, English departments at many public colleges and universities have bought into a relativist stance which is fiercely anti-biblical. We still believe that language has meaning and can communicate truth and beauty.

TFC English majors have been accepted for graduate study at schools like the University of South Florida, Clemson University, the University of Georgia, Baylor, the University of Nebraska, the University of Virginia, Notre Dame, Boston College, and more prestigious universities.


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