Cross-Cultural Business Administration

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Cross-Cultural Business Administration


What is Cross-cultural Business Administration?

The Cross-cultural Business Administration major (CCBA) is an interdisciplinary degree that integrates biblical principles with business principles to prepare you in the area of international business. With knowledge of cross-cultural principles, you’ll be enabled to enter limited-access countries with a marketable skill. This major will enable you to serve as a global ministries business manager, develop micro-enterprise initiatives or serve directly as an international worker with a multinational business or Non-Profit Organization (NGO) requiring these skills.

What can I do with a degree in Cross-cultural Business Administration?

Graduates with this degree can assist in developing economically viable community projects that enhance the standard of living in a local community and provide financial resources for the local and global communities to which they are connected. This degree establishes the international worker in an acceptable role in communities that otherwise disparage professional religious workers.

Where are graduates with a degree in Cross-cultural Business Administration?

  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • International/multinational corporations
  • Community Development
  • Micro-enterprise incubators

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in CCBA has a strong base to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration or an area of specialization. 


Quote from a graduate:

“The Cross-cultural Business Administration degree has been vital towards my success in my current profession. I work as a Financial Analyst for a non-profit organization that utilizes the various skills and lessons learned throughout this program. This degree was by far the most beneficial option I could have chosen for myself as it has allowed me to pursue my passions within the business realm, as well as gain valuable cross-cultural experience, knowledge, and acumen when working with our numerous partner organizations around the world” (Christopher, 2013).


  • Cross-Cultural Business Administration


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  • Cross-Cultural Bible Teaching and Counseling
  • Cross-Cultural TESOL
  • Discipleship
  • Sustainable Development
  • World Religion

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