TFC’s Biology major, the study of life and life processes, not only prepares students for a career in science or medicine but also teaches skills useful in multiple areas of life. Beginning in Freshman Biology, students learn critical thinking and teamwork in both classroom and laboratory settings. Research methods, experimental design, data analysis, and scientific writing are all integrated into the curriculum from the first semester onward. Students design and then conduct their own experiments in their selected areas of interest.

The Biology major is structured so that students may choose the classes that will most help them succeed in their chosen fields. Microbiology and Biochemistry, in particular, are designed so that students gain immediately employable techniques making them competitive for research assistantships and clinical laboratory jobs. Additionally, upperclassmen have the option of Independent Study, one on one with a Professor, on their topic of choice. Biology Study Abroad allows students to gain multinational viewpoints on science and medicine while experiencing different cultures.

Every major area of biological study along with general and organic chemistry, physics, and biochemistry is included. The Biology major will prepare you for medical school, veterinary school, pharmacy school, or graduate work in Biology.

However, Biology at TFC goes much deeper than the study of structure, function, reproduction, and development of living organisms. Ministry is a motivating factor for our faculty and students alike, so TFC offers essential training in the natural sciences taught from a Biblical perspective. At TFC, the studies of Physiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, and Ecology are all ways to contribute to the service of God and humanity.


  • The intentional integration of Christian faith and learning in the natural sciences, with applications in life areas such as bioethics, origins, and apologetics, contribute to making Toccoa Falls College’s Biology major unique.
  • TFC offers you individual attention from the Biology professors. Classes vary from 5 to 30 students, and most labs have 8 to 10 students. Unlike larger schools, lab assistants do not teach, so that one-on-one contact with the professor is increased. Office hours provide additional opportunities to interact with the professors.
  • The diverse background, training, experience and philosophies of the science professors will challenge graduates from the TFC science program to critically evaluate differing viewpoints in the world of science.
  • Academic counseling in pre-med, pre-nursing, or science by the science professors is ongoing throughout the semester. It is not limited to Registration but also includes advice on research and clinical internships, shadowing, and extracurricular resources.
  • Opportunities for medical mission work abound.
  • TFC is proud to offer on-campus internships as part of the ongoing Toccoa Falls Ecology Survey of our 1000-acre Appalachian campus with a rich variety in micro-habitats.
  • S.T.E.M. Club (Science, Technology, Engineering & Medicine) encourages students with similar interests to gather to explore scientific journals, travel to fascinating exhibits, visit graduate schools, and begin building the friendships and professional network that will benefit for a lifetime.
  • TFC hosts the Gathany Museum of Natural History, our own international natural history collection.


  • Biology


  • Biology
    The Biology minor provides students with unique opportunities to integrate Christian faith with scientific learning. Understanding basic cell biology strengthens appreciation for the design of life and gives a greater understanding of contemporary bioethical issues facing society.
  • Chemistry
    The Chemistry minor provides students with the opportunity to delve into the atomic and molecular world. Investigations into the chemistry of life lead us to a unique understanding of the complex world around us and point us to the order and creativity of our God. Students will also see how the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry impact our daily lives.
  • English
  • French
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish

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