College Level Examination Program (CLEP)


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

What is CLEP?

CLEP is the College Level Examination Program that offers students a way of receiving college credit by demonstrating their knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Take a CLEP exam to validate prior course work from an unaccredited institution, advanced high school or extension classes, prior job or work experience, self-study, etc. Each CLEP test is worth 3 credit hours.

How Do I Register?

Students can register with TFC to take a CLEP online on the Academic tab on the TFC website. Then students must register with CLEP by going to  The registration deadline is one week before the test date. The College Board CLEP School code for TFC is 5799.

What Are the Costs?

The cost for each CLEP is $89 to be paid at the time of registering with The College Board and an administration fee of $20 to be paid to Toccoa Falls College at the time of the test.

When can I take CLEP tests?

CLEP testing is offered in the Center for Academic Success Monday through Fridays from 10:00 a.m.  until 5:00 p.m. No tests will be administered during final exam week.

All CLEP testing must be completed before a student reaches the end of the sophomore year (before reaching 60 hours).  Most CLEP tests last for 90 minutes.

Students may attempt each CLEP only one time. Students may not take CLEP if they are currently taking the course or have attempted the course previously.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Test?

  • The “ticket” you received when registering with CLEP.
  • Government issued photo identification
    • Driver’s liscense
    • Passport
    • State ID
    • National ID
    • Tribal Card
    • Naturalization Card
    • Military ID
    • Green Card with signature and photo
  • $20 administration fee


What about Study Materials?

You can visit the CLEP Prep Center at for useful tips on assessing your readiness and preparing for any of CLEP’s exams. You can also purchase a CLEP Exam Guide for a specific subject, available as a downloadable PDF.

What CLEP Scores Are Needed to Receive Credit at TFC?

CLEP Exam                                                                Score                   TFC Course

American Government                                              50                       POL 213

American Literature                                                   50                       ENG 243

Analyzing & Interpreting Literature                       50                       ENG literature elective

Biology                                                                          50                       BIO 114

Calculus                                                                        50                       MAT Elective

Chemistry                                                                     50                       CHM 214

College Algebra                                                            50                       MAT 133

College Composition*                                                 50                       ENG 113

College Mathematics                                                   50                       MAT 113

English Literature                                                        50                       ENG 223

Financial Accounting                                                  50                       ACC 213

French, Level I (II)                                                      50 (59)               FRN 113, 123 (233)

German, Level I (II)                                                    50 (60)                GRM 113, 123 (233)

Human Growth and Development                           50                       PSY 243

Humanities                                                                    50                       HUM Elective

Information Systems & Computer Applications   50                       CSC 113

Intro to Educational Psychology                              50                       PSY 323

Intro to Psychology                                                    50                       PSY 113

Intro to Sociology                                                       50                       SOC 213

Natural Sciences                                                         50                       SCI Elective

Principles of Macroeconomics                                50                       ECO 223

Principles of Management                                      50                       MAN 213

Principles of Marketing                                           50                       MKT 213

Principles of Microeconomics                                 50                       ECO 213

Social Science and History                                      50                       SOC Elective

Spanish, Level I (II)                                                   50 (63)                SPN 113, 123 (233)

US History I                                                               50                       HIS 233

US History II                                                              50                       HIS 243

Western Civilization I                                              50                       HIS 113

Western Civilization II                                             50                       HIS 123

*ACT English and Reading sub-scores of 27 or above or a SAT Critical Reading score of 600 or above required.