50 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges & Universities for 2017

Toccoa Falls College is proud to be recognized by Christian Universities Online as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities for 2017.

Eligible schools must be a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and are evaluated equally on 1) Continuity of campus, 2) Architectural style, 3) Signature building(s), and 4) Natural setting. Toccoa Falls College ranked number #38 of 50.

Situated on a rural, 1,100-acre campus in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, students and visitors to the campus can enjoy gorgeous views of mountain scenery, color, and the majestic Toccoa Falls. The historic waterfall stands at 186 feet, higher than Niagara Falls, and is one of the tallest free-falling waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. A meandering stream flows through the lower part of the wooded campus from the base of the waterfall. Surrounded by dense woods, the campus itself is well laid out and features several facilities built in a modern architectural style, including the Grace Chapel and Performing Arts Center.

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