Micah J. Natale


  • M.A. – Toccoa Falls College
  • Ph.D. Candidate – United States Sports Academy


  • Achieved Honors, Deans List, and or Presidents List fours semesters throughout my higher educational pursuits.
  • Received the Faculty of Impact Award 2015
  • Certified instructor for the American Sport Education Program

Research Interests

  • The sport industry and its social impact on communities.
  • Declining Youth Participation in sports.
  • Publicly traded professional athletes as a means to alleviate an organizations financial burden of ever growing player contracts.

What year did you begin teaching at TFC


What is your favorite aspect of teaching at TFC

Freedom to incorporate faith and biblical principles within the classroom. Discipleship opportunities outside of the classroom to better instill Godly Character.

What courses do you teach at TFC

Event and Facility Management in Sport & Entertainment, Sport Finance, Coaching Techniques, Coaching Practicum, Sport Law & Ethics, Organization and Administration of Sport, Prevention of Care and Injuries, First aid and Life Fitness, Sport Marketing, Policies and Issues in Sport Management, Sport Management Internship.

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107 Kincaid Drive, MSC 815 Toccoa Falls, GA 30598
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