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The Humanities & Natural Sciences Department is the largest department of Toccoa Falls College with ten full-time faculty members.  This department is home to the traditional humanities majors of English, History, and Philosophy, the science of Biology, and the General Studies degree, as well as a host of minors, including Chemistry, French, and Spanish.

The classical humanities triumvirate of English, History, and Philosophy prepare students with skills in both critical thinking and writing, two valuable skills across professional job markets, as well as prepare them for further graduate work.  Students considering a path to the medical field or environmental studies will find a home in the Biology major, with or without a Chemistry minor.  For students anticipating cross-cultural work, either in the United States or abroad, French and Spanish are available as minors.

Students will think deeply about the relationship between their Christian faith and their studies and practice integrating their Christian worldview into the thought and action required by the unique challenges and opportunities of their field.

Welcome to the Humanities & Natural Sciences Department.  We’ve been waiting for you.

– Mark Murphree, M.A., M.Div., Chair

The Humanities & Natural Sciences Department serves the total student body by providing the 39-hour general education core curriculum, teaching students to think constructively about every area of life-based on the biblical worldview. We also offer the Associate of Arts degree, a two-year community college degree that meets the needs of students who desire only two years of college or that allows them to lay a biblical foundation at a Christian college before transferring to a secular university for a more specialized major.



  • Behavioral Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • French
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish
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Mark A. Murphree
Department Chair
  • 706-886-7299, x5418
  • Humanities & Natural Sciences Department, Toccoa Falls Department, MSC 807, Toccoa Falls, GA 30598
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Mark A. Murphree

Mark A. Murphree

Chair, Humanities & Natural Sciences Department; Assistant Professor of English and...