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It is the mission of the Communication Department of Toccoa Falls College to help students become God-honoring communicators for the Kingdom of God. We seek to accomplish this through the two concentrations within the Communication Studies major. The first concentration is Interpersonal and Public Communication, which investigates the communicative practices present within interpersonal, group and organizational contexts. The second concentration is Mass Communication, which investigates the communicative dynamics that arise from the use of traditional and new media forms.

We are committed to the belief that communication is far more than the transportation of information or knowledge; it is the process by which we work out our identity in Christ. We believe it is essential, therefore, that communication students be provided with opportunities outside the classroom to experience first hand the complexities of communicating in the contemporary world. To that end the department has four student-managed publications: The Forrester (yearbook), The Talon (online newspaper), Eagle Radio (online radio station) and Eagle Vision (video production). Other opportunities include studying culture on our study abroad program in Europe or film in Hollywood as part of CCCU’s LA Film Semester. It is our mission and joy to participate with other communicators to communicate God’s Kingdom in this world.

The Communication Department offers programs of study that emphasize both human interaction and mediated communication. Concentrations are available in both Interpersonal & Public Communication and Mass Communication, giving students the opportunity to explore the major areas of Communication.

The study of communication at TFC offers a broad range of training and skill development in a Christian setting. Programs are designed to help students master the tools and techniques of effective communication in their chosen field by providing hands-on experience in an academic environment. On a deeper level, they also provide an understanding of the purposes and moral principles of communication. These programs integrate communication skills and practice with a biblically informed understanding of the Christian worldview. The combination a foundational communication theory understanding together with communication proficiency provides a skill-base sufficient to pursue employment or graduate work with confidence.

– Dr. Curt Wanner, Department Chair


Communication Studies


  • Interpersonal & Public Communication (IPC)
  • Mass Communication


  • Journalism
  • Leadership
  • Public Relations

On-Campus Opportunities

  • Eagle Vision (video production)
  • Eagle Radio (student radio)
  • The Talon (student newspaper)
  • Forrester (yearbook)



Contact Information
Dr. Curt Wanner
Department Chair
  • 706-886-7299 x5270
  • Communication Department, Toccoa Falls College, 107 Kincaid Drive, MSC 125, Toccoa Falls, GA 30598
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