Rome with a Purpose

Rome with Purpose is an evangelical institution in Rome, Italy. The Italy campus program invites and hosts Christian college students from America through partnerships in a semester abroad program.

The semester programs staff American Christian college and Italian profs as well as qualified pastors and missionaries who teach American students in English. The 19-hour curriculum includes history, theology, humanities, and Italian language. Experiences daily in Rome accompany the semester curriculum. TFC is a supporting institution, and its students are automatically eligible to attend.

Rome with Purpose is a Christian study abroad company and we subscribe to the following core values:

  • We serve our students by providing an environment where they can achieve their highest scholastic goals through study and strong mentoring relationships.
  • We seek to honor God by faithfulness, trust, gratitude, and stewardship.
  • We strive for excellence and competence so that our students learn to think critically in a global context.
  • We seek to lead by example, living out our faith in today’s global and post-Christian culture.
  • We navigate by our biblical values, integrity, conviction, and confidence.
  • We seek to excel in relationships through our credibility, our perseverance, and our love

RWP mission: To provide meaningful educational opportunities in Italy in the context of a biblical Christian community.

The institute offers:

  • 16 college credits
  • 3 weeks of independent travel
  • Dual enrollment options
  • Teaching from a Christian worldview
  • Your financial aid can be applied

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To find out more information about Study Abroad opportunities at TFC, visit our Study Abroad page.

Application packets for study abroad opportunities at TFC may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office, or you can use the application materials listed below:

All application materials and forms should be returned to the Registrar’s Office.